Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence

As a leading global financial advisory firm, a core pillar of FTI Consulting’s value proposition rests on its expertise in guiding stakeholders through complex transactions. Our professionals bring a forward looking perspective and a track record of success across the transaction lifecycle, offering a comprehensive suite of operational and financial diligence support in evaluating opportunities across the risk/return spectrum.

Merger Integration and Carve-Out Advisory
Organizations undergoing major transitions – mergers and buy- and sell-side carve-outs – require transaction support that mitigates risk, helps minimize business disruption and accelerates the evolution to the new company operating model. At many of the world’s top-performing public and private companies, senior executives rely on FTI Consulting for transaction support and advisory to complete deals successfully, efficiently and without delay, while optimizing revenue and cost synergies.

Commercial Diligence
Clients rely on FTI Consulting’s commercial due diligence experts to help them assess, identify and define opportunities to capture revenue, new customers and new businesses. We provide market and company assessments, including customer interviews and assessments; market size evaluations; market share growth assessment and strategy; demand modeling; M&A, antitrust and competition assessments; competitor assessment and review of KPIs; value proposition and brand perception assessment; and strategic partnership evaluations.

Financial Diligence
Whether you’re on the buy- or sell-side of a transaction, our financial due diligence services include quality of earnings assessment, determination of working capital requirements, net asset analysis, sales/margin analysis, short-term forecast analysis and synergy analysis. Clients rely on our deep industry expertise to ensure they get approval to move forward with a deal, or determine that the transaction risk is too great. On the buy- and sell-side, we assess historical performance, estimate projected performance, review working capital trends and assess balance sheet exposure, provide insight into financial and business risks and negotiate the transaction.

Tax Diligence
Our tax due diligence experts review pre-closing tax profile and tax return filings to identify and assess historic tax risks in international, U.S. federal, state and local tax matters. Clients rely on FTI Consulting to effectively advise them on tax-efficient structuring for acquisitions and operations of targeted businesses.

Organizations face formidable challenges throughout the life cycle of major transactions, including valuation and financial forecast support. Combining industry and technical expertise with market insights and transaction experience, FTI Consulting’s valuation experts have a proven track record of delivering sophisticated and actionable advice to clients. Management teams, boards of directors, capital markets and investors trust our objective and credible valuation opinions and advice when making strategic decisions and executing transactions.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Transaction Advisory & Due Diligence space is represented by the following:

  • Valuation
  • Tax diligence
  • Financial diligence
  • Commercial diligence
  • Merger integration & carve-out advisory