Utilities are facing challenges from the “push” of aging infrastructure, grid security issues, increasing frequency of extreme weather events, and the need for improved resiliency, among other factors, and the “pull” of regulatory mandates for environmental and reliability needs along with new technologies becoming economic to deploy.

These challenges offer opportunities to those who can navigate uncertainty. Adaptability, agility and sharp insight into evolving business environments have become new levers of profitability along with operational excellence.

In an increasingly complex world, the most competitive organizations choose to partner with advisors who couple broad capabilities with deep expertise to not only face the changing landscape but excel in it. Our team of highly experienced economists, industry specialists, former utility executives, and regulators and accountants serve the regulatory, financial, operational and strategic needs of our utility clients. Whether they be incumbent investor-owned utilities, municipalities and cooperatives, private developers or regulatory commissions, we provide our clients with holistic and actionable strategies, pertinent analysis and approaches to compete across the energy value chain.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Utilities space is represented by the following:

  • Financial and Operational Strategy and Business Transformation
  • Utility Rate Case Advisory and Rate Design both federal and state
  • Management Auditing and Capital Project Planning
  • Regulated and Unregulated Asset M&A
  • Power Market Price Forecasts
  • Policy Evaluation
  • Safety and Reliability Compliance
  • Financial and Operational Compliance