Strategy & Business Transformation

Clients rely on our guidance to navigate through the transition from traditional transmission and distribution business to more distributed and intermittent energy flows. We help identify opportunities for new investments and design strategic choices to meet evolving customer demands.

We also advise on transitioning from conventional generation business to a cleaner, more efficient and nimble generation portfolio, helping these clients determine opportunities to maximize options for existing generation portfolios, and develop and message strategy.

In addition, many clients rely on our support to capture opportunities from the falling costs of energy storage, the new technologies increasingly enabled by advances in digital, the rise of the hydrogen economy and the unprecedented transformation of the mobility market. We leverage commercial, technical and policy expertise plus data-driven analysis to develop and evaluate action-oriented strategic plans, including portfolio strategy and resource prioritization, shareholder value optimization, business unit strategies, long-term business plans, new market-entry strategies, new business-model development and digital strategies.

FTI Consulting’s suite of transformational services can catalyze growth, optimize cost structures, and drive strategic initiatives that maximize enterprise value of the client.

FTI’s Power, Renewables & Energy Transition practice has a proven record of providing business transformation services to strategic investors, equity holders and financiers across renewable technology platforms. We are deal experts, steeped in the knowledge gained as bankers, business leaders and consulting advisors. Our ability to propose actionable solutions to operational and strategic issues, including during implementation, is a key differentiator.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Strategy & Business Transformation space is represented by the following:

  • Distressed and Turnaround Advisory
  • Office of the CFO
  • Business Plan Review
  • Lender Negotiations
  • Interim Management
  • Merger Integration and Performance Optimization
  • Carve-Outs
  • Financial Modeling and Planning
  • Working Capital Management