Offshore Wind

Offshore wind has proven to be a dependable and cost-effective renewable energy technology of scale in several jurisdictions across the globe, with the United States developing a large and fertile new market.

Successfully developing and operating offshore wind farms requires quantification of operating, development, financial and market risks inherent in offshore wind projects, understanding the dynamic and project value range as developer participate in seabed lease and offtake auctions, and the evaluating the market price and transmission impacts of injecting offshore wind capacity into the onshore grid.  Our expert team of professionals assists developers, regulators, investors and other stakeholders navigate the complex issues that drive critical investment decisions.

Our expert services span strategy, due diligence, regulatory analysis and economic analysis, including the development of dynamic, levelized cost of energy models to aid in site selection and bid strategy. We work with leading utilities and developers to identify new market risks and opportunities, construct winning RFP strategies and establish effective supply chain sourcing techniques to drive down the cost of energy, enhance investor returns and expand business opportunities.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Offshore Wind space is represented by the following:

  • Financial and strategic advisor to offshore wind developer during New York Bight seabed lease auction
  • Provided strategic review of US offshore wind market to new entrant
  • Provided strategic and technical review of US power markets for offshore wind developer
  • Strategic advisor to offshore wind developers during successful UK CfD auction
  • Financial and strategic advisor to offshore wind developer during UK Round 4 seabed lease auction