Litigation & Disputes

The complexities of the capital intensive and highly regulated energy industry demands advisors with deep expertise. Coupled with the contentious situations that arise in times of litigation and disputes, advisors must have specialized knowledge.

FTI’s Power, Renewables & Energy Transition (PRET) team consists of experts with both deep expertise and extensive experience who provide expert testimony in utility state and federal rate cases, dispute advisory, corporate litigation, valuation, construction and bankruptcy litigation and forensic accounting.

The PRET team has provided expert witness services arising from unexpected or retroactive regulatory changes, economic, commercial, and technical disputes, force majeure contract and shareholder disputes stemming from a variety of unexpected issues. FTI has represented both energy service companies and consumer interests in litigation and disputes.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Litigation & Disputes space is represented by the following:

  • Economic, commercial & technical disputes support
  • Expert witness
  • Disputes arising from unexpected or retroactive regulatory changes, investment treaties, construction or warranty, pricing, supply or IP
  • Shareholder disputes and underperforming of assets