Sustainable Fuels

Sustainable fuels, such as bioethanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, offer a growing, alternative solution for replacement of petroleum-based and carbon intensive resources.  The transition to sustainable fuels will be a critical component in an effort to decarbonize a number of sectors, including transportation, base load power generation, energy storage, and industrial and home heating and cooling.

At present the cost curve for the production of sustainable fuels, particularly hydrogen, is not competitive with that of non-sustainable fuels. However, significant public and private capital is being invested in the creation of production and distribution infrastructure, particularly infrastructure related to the production of hydrogen, that is anticipated to lead to rapid declines in the cost of production and to the rapid scaling of adoption rates for a variety of applications.

We work with prospective and current owners, investors, industry groups, and regulatory bodies to assist in the advancement of the adoption and penetration of sustainable fuels in the marketplace.   We provide due diligence and consultancy services across all sustainable fuel technologies at any stage of the lifecycle, from advising regulatory bodies on structures to enhance the adoption of sustainable fuels to evaluating early stage investment opportunities to supporting the commercialization and economic production of these technologies.

A sample of the breadth of our service offerings in the Sustainable Fuels space is represented by the following:

  • Buy-side advisor for an international industrial conglomerate in a transaction to acquire a renewable fuel network
  • Buy-side advisor for an international industrial conglomerate in a transaction to acquire a pink hydrogen electrolysis project
  • Strategy advisor to an industrial conglomerate interested in market entry strategies and approaches for the green hydrogen market
  • Economic advisor to the Hydrogen Council
  • Policy advisor to Hydrogen Europe
  • Financial advisor to the creditors of a commercial scale biofuel plant
  • Strategic advisor to a lender to a biofuels producer, engaged to recommend efficiencies in procurement and marketing
  • Strategic advisor to the Board of Directors of a bioethanol producer, engaged to recommend options and implementation plans for those options in light of production and pricing issues