NPM Interconnections – Episode 50: Justin Pugh

October 31, 2022

FTI Consulting’s Justin Pugh, Senior Managing Director, sits down with NPM Managing Editor, Jon Berke to highlight some of the major incentives introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and in particular how he envisions a domestic supply chain growing under the IRA.

Private Equity Must Make ESG Strategy a High Priority

August 1, 2022

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability has evolved from a niche “trend” into a seismic culture shift embraced by the global business community as a defining metric of success.

NPM Interconnections – Episode 39: Dr. Michael Bakunin

July 5, 2022

Dr. Michael Bakunin joins us on the first NPM Interconnections podcast sponsored by FTI Consulting to discuss the rise of electric vehicles in the US and the related infrastructure that will be necessary to support them.

Fundamentals & Supply Diversification in the N.E. Market | Eric Schiffer

June 13, 2022

FTI Consulting’s Eric Schiffer joins other renewable energy experts on a panel to examine N.E. natural gas fundamentals, with a particular focus on diversification in the supply planning process, as well as implications of renewable energy sources in the market and LNG exports including foreign price index dynamics.


ESG: A New Lens for Value Creation

April 11, 2022

From private equity funds looking to drive portfolio value and engage their partners to companies utilizing ESG screens to de-risk operations, our clients are embracing ESG as a powerful tool rather than a passing fad.