Turbulent Waters – Current Developments in the U.S. Offshore Wind Industry

January 30, 2024

A relative newcomer to the global offshore wind market, the United States has set an ambitious goal for the development of the industry with strong support at both federal and state levels. While important milestones have been achieved and several large projects are now under or approaching construction, the industry is facing substantial headwinds, including […]

China’s Export Controls on Critical Minerals

December 12, 2023

Gallium, Germanium and Graphite On August 1, 2023, China began restricting exports of gallium and germanium, followed more recently, on December 1, with new export controls on high-grade graphite. China has justified these measures on the grounds of national security; however, gallium and germanium have broad applications in a range of industries, including electronics and […]

Fundamentals & Supply Diversification in the N.E. Market | Eric Schiffer

June 13, 2022

FTI Consulting’s Eric Schiffer joins other renewable energy experts on a panel to examine N.E. natural gas fundamentals, with a particular focus on diversification in the supply planning process, as well as implications of renewable energy sources in the market and LNG exports including foreign price index dynamics.